SMS services in Latvia

Possible short number series: 18XX

For the short code apply to the Public Utilities Commission

Service provider has to provide with full service description, service tariff and traffic forecast by e-mail to responsible person.
Max service tariff is 6 Ls VAT included.

Revenue share to Service provider 50%
Short number set-up fee 426,86 Eur(VAT excl.)
Short number monthly fee 142,29 Eur(VAT excl.)
Fee to Service provider per every outgoing SMS VAT excl.
To BITE network 0.0284574 Eur
To other Latvian networks and virtual operators 0.0853723 Eur
To foreign networks 0.142287 Eur

Bite's recommended partners that can help with billing projects:

UAB Verozona

SIA Esteria


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