SMS services in Lithuania

SMS services are delivered via short numbers. Short numbers are dedicated to service providers, which are willing their clients could order or receive information about it in easier remembered number.

The pricing of SMS can be based on customers rate plan or specifically described by service provider. In the premium price case service provider can receive a part of revenue generated by the customer.

In order to start using short number, service provider should enter in the agreement with BITE. Short number can be issued to corporate customers, which holds no financial liabilities to BITE Group companies. Selected short number will be working only in BITE network. To enable short number in other mobile networks please refer to relevant mobile operator.

Possible short number series: 13XX, 14XX, 16XX and 18XX (with CRA permission).

Short number commercial conditions

  • Short number setup fee (one time) - 434,43 Eur (VAT excl.).
  • Short number monthly fee - 144,81 Eur (VAT excl.).
  • Short number tariff change - 86,89 Eur (VAT excl.).
  • Short number assignment to another company - 100,00 Eur (VAT excl.).
  • Fee to service provider per every outgoing SMS (VAT excl.):
    • To BITE network - 0,017 Eur;
    • To other Lithuanian networks and virtual operators - 0,035 Eur;
    • To foreign networks - 0,074 Eur.
  • BITE receives revenue share:
    • Premium rate pricing - 60%;
    • Non premium rate pricing - 100%.

Service provider must have or should receive at least one BITE postpaid agreement and possess active BITE network number. Premium rate interval - from 0,10 Eur to 9,00 Eur(VAT incl.).

Premium rate charging principles

Customer initiated SMS (MO) can be charged only with one price. Service provider initiated SMS (MT) can hold several prices (0,10 Eur to 9,00 Eur). MO SMS charging is implemented in BITE. MT SMS charging should be developed by service provider (SOAP protocol).

Technical connection

Messaging between BITE SMS center and service provider is happening via internet (TCP/IP protocol), using SMPP 3.4 protocol. Service development jobs are done by service provider.

Recommended BITE Partners

We suggest to cooperate with BITE partners, which will provide you a technical assistance and active short number in all operator networks.

UAB "Verozona"

  • E-mail: info @
  • Phone: +370 5 2341532

UAB "Mediafon"

  • E-mail: info @
  • Phone: +370 5 2390901


  • E-mail: info @
  • Phone: +370 5 2609499
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