Finding out the phone number is not possible directly - first you have to obtain Account ID, and then, using SOAP function, you can find out the corresponding MSISDN (phone number). Account ID is included in all WAP or HTTP request headers to your site. To start seeing Account ID, please make sure that the following have been done:

  1. Your wap site domain is AccountID-enabled by BITE. Only registered domains receive Account IDs. Registration should be requested by email.
  2. You are testing your wap site using BITE SIM card, and you are connecting with your mobile phone using APN WAP to your site. Only if you connect like the real customer will you see the Account ID.
  3. Your script is correctly programmed to retrieve the headers.

PHP example:

$headers = getallheaders();
$accountId = $headers['Bite-Account-ID'];

:!: Please ask your Bite manager if subdomain or domain you use is added to the list of domains, which can get Bite headers. Both first level domains ( and second level domains ( are each configured separately. If you use many domains (, etc, consider reducing their number.

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