BITE promotion opportunities

On-portal services can expect special attention from BITE. BITE continuously developing and improving communication channels with customers. On-portal services, especially fresh and unique for the market, can use these channels to attract customers:

  • Service is placed in BITE portal relevant category.
  • Service is placed in “What’s new?” category at a title page.
  • If the service is new and unique in the market - Public Release will be issued on behalf of BITE.
  • Service is presented to post-paid customers by sending them mobile newsletter.
  • Service, which is unique, interesting and brings additional value, can be presented to prepaid customers by sending them info SMS.
  • Service is placed in BITE plus printed materials.
  • Service can be included into Loyalty programs (this requires additional agreement).
  • Service content feeds can be exported to category representation field (this works in 3G portal and requires additional agreement).
  • Services with high level of interaction with customers (promotions, prizes, competitions and etc) for limited period of time can be placed at a title page.
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