BITE Partners Portal (PP) Overview

BITE PP is a service brand for consumer mobile internet from BITE Group. It is an eco-system combining:

  • Content providers who receive revenue share from the operator.
  • Technical and handset providers who enable a superior user experience across different technologies.
  • Operator who steers the partner community, enables superior consumer experience, and drives consumer demand.

BITE PP collects revenue from users by charging for content in addition to traffic. The cost of mobile internet content/service is added to customers’ mobile phone bill. The content/service revenue is shared with partners. BITE PP does not buy and operate specific mobile internet products outside the area of its core processes.

BITE PP operates in Lithuania and Latvia.

Business information

Service providers can sell services using BITE PP service delivery channels. Customers purchasing products or service pays with mobile phone and charges are included in the monthly customers mobile service bill. Service provider is paying incentives for using BITE PP service delivery channels, which are excluded from product or service price.

BITE is collecting payments from customers and based on the agreed period transferring money to service provider, excluding incentives. Incentives are dependent on the service delivery channels. More detail information can be found by browsing separate service delivert channels below.

How to become a Partner?

To get started with Partnership Program first of all you should contact one of our teammates (based on the business area). Then the process looks as follows:

  • Initial contact (+2 days)
    • We sign NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) to protect your idea and to protect our market know-how
    • Immediately we provide advice on the typical revenues generated by different types of services (more...)
    • We may review your product idea and provide feedback
  • Product development (+2 days to approx 1 month)
    • We will provide you with a full technical specification of the BITE API (more...)
    • We will provide you with a username/password for your BITE PP account
    • Our technical partners can provide product development services or technical assistance at a fee
  • Pre-launch (+ 2 days)
    • We will certify your product before including in the content catalogue and make sure that it fulfills our partnership program requirements, including legal requirements (more...).
  • Post-launch (+ 30 days)
    • We will classify your product in our catalogue
    • We will showcase it in the “what’s new section”
    • We will investigate co-marketing opportunities
    • You will send out your first invoice for your revenue share


SMS services

SMS services are deliverd via short numbers. The short number could be issued to a companies, which do not have any financial liabilities to BITE Group companies. SMS service commercial and technical conditions are dependant to the market where services are delivered.

Voice services

Voice services are deliverd via short numbers. The short number could be issued to a companies, which do not have any financial liabilities to BITE Group companies. Voice service commercial and technical conditions are dependant to the market where services are delivered.

WAP services

WAP services are for the partners that develop services with mobile internet as the core channel, and may additionally utilize SMS/MMS/Voice for content delivery. The mini-sites program has several partner groups with the following focus areas:

  • On-portal mini-sites partners (Premium wap sites).
  • Off-portal mini-sites partners (Premium wap sites).

WAP services in Lithuania (Description).

Lottery services

Lottery services can be delivered to BITE customers by the companies having an appropriate lottery licenses issued by State Gaming Control Commission.

SMS parking

SMS parking service enable all BITE customers to pay for their parked cars in paid city areas with mobile phone.

SMS parking in Lithuania (Description)

Electronic signature

BITE mobile electronic signature infrustructure enables BITE partners - electronic service providers - to obtain a mobile eletronical signature from an end User for authentication and information signing purposes. To understand how it works, please download BITE E-signature API Documentation.

If you would have any addtional questions or would be interested in delivery of the electronic services please contact BITE responsible person.

Service Communication

BITE promotion opportunities

On-portal services can expect special attention from BITE. BITE continuously developing and improving communication channels with customers. On-portal services, especially fresh and unique for the market, can use these channels to attract customers.

BITE provided promo opportunities (Description).

Advertising with Admobi

Admobi – it's an advertising network for mobile internet. A joint project between BITE Group and UAB “Admobi” enables advertisers in a simple and cost effective manner deliver graphical ads (banners) for mobile internet (WAP) customers.

More detailed information can be found at Admobi website.


Mobile content policy

Partners participating in BITE PP partnerhip program hereby agree to comply with the stated legal requirements. These requirements slightly differs depending in which market the service is delivered.

  • Mobile content policy for Lithuania (Policy)
  • Mobile content policy for Latvia (Policy)

Advertising policy

Conferences and Seminars

Here you can find some useful materials from conferences and seminars around the world. Please use it to capture good ideas, establish new products or find potential business partners.

Technical information

  • Short numbers, SMSC is down: ss at (24×7)
  • BITE API is down: partner_support at (24×7)

SMPP (direct SMS center) connection information


BiteAPI is a HTTP / SOAP interface, which allows third parties to perform WAP, SMS, MMS billing and other functions needed by third parties developing premium products.

BITE API User guide
BITE API functions descriptions
Short numbers (SMS) and BITE API usage
BITE API available Web Services

A minisite can check if WAP browsing customer is BITE customer or not based on BITE gateway IP adresses. See code example and explanation below.

Code example and explanation

Mobile sites development

If you are developing a mobile site for WAP browsing we recommend to go through this document:

If you are developing a mobile site for Opera Mini browsing we recommend to look at this:

Streaming video guides, help, references

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What does action ID mean and what action ID do I have to use for function billAccount? (Answer)
  2. We just tried to connect and got “Login failed. No such user!” (Answer)
  3. Trying to get msisdn using IP address, we get the error “no such customer record”. (Answer)
  4. We don't get Bite Account headers, when we connecting to our wap page. (Answer)
  5. Could you provide example how to send SMS through API? (Answer)
  6. How can we get our customer's Account ID? (Answer)
  7. Can we get any statistics of transactions we made? (Answer)
  8. Please provide example of sendWAPPush/sendSMS function usage with MSISDNs array as parameter. (Answer)

Send questions to:

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